TPE Fitness Mat

TPE Fitness Mat


  • £20.00

  • Extremely lightweight - easy for transportation
  • Textured surface gives more grip
  • Cushioning system makes for a more comfortable workout
  • Eyelets allow mats to hang vertically on hangers - 36cm apart
  • Manufactured from TPE, a Thermoplastic - sets back to original flat shape even once tampered with

Dimensions: 950mmL x 500mmW x 10mmH

The TPE Fitness Mat is perfect for any user wanting the most out of their Mat, this may vary from beginner to expert levels. Also suitable for users using mats for everyday exercise and use for example; sit ups at home, to even fishing. The thick cushioning system provides a more comfortable and extended length of workout, with two different surfaces on each side, one smooth (bottom), and one textured (top) provides enough grip to suit any environment.

Lightweight, therefore easily transported from class to class or gym to home etc. Manufactured from TPE - a thermoplastic. The advantage of a thermoplastic is that it is a thermosetting material. This allows the Mat to return to its original flat shape - even after been rolled up for transportation.

Easily cleaned with a spray and cloth, as well as easily affordable.

Eyelets are 360mm apart