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Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil is the most robust and efficient liniment oil on the market. Designed for the rigours of Muay Thai boxing this age old formula is still the most versatile and durable sports liniment oil in existence.

Muay Thai oil or kickboxing oil, as it's commonly known, was first used to reduce bruising endured by those who practice Muay Thai fighting. Being such a brutal and intense impact sport, just training and working out in Muay Thai gym muscle liniment oil is necessary to manage pain, swelling and help the muscles warm-up and warm down.


Namman Muay liniment oil should be applied before starting warm-up, to help the muscles resist strains and pulls. Applied to muscles, it helps prepare them for a vigorous workout. Initially used by Thai boxers liniment oil applications are plentiful, being adopted by a broad range sportsman from joggers to triathletes.

From athletics and rugby to cycling, any sport or workout where your muscles will have to endure a vigorous workout session this traditional liniment oil can be effective.

Particularly useful for warm downs as it helps the pores in the skin breath and gives a refreshing warming sensation to the muscles.


Liniment Oil uses can sometimes seem quite bazaar, used as a massage oil it is very efficient in providing deep relaxation. Made from mostly natural sources including the wintergreen plant, an evergreen shrub.

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