Supaflex X-Tube

Physical Company

  • £10.80

These ultra-strong and portable Supaflex X-Tubes are i perfect for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts looking to train for strength, flexibility, rehabilitation or injury prevention

Created with quality and durability in mind. After much feedback we’ve created a resistance tube that has increased comfort by way of a foam handle and improved durability by way of a 60cm protective sleeve.

This sleeve will protect the tubing from wear and tear when used outdoor or with muddy shoes etc. Each tube has a colour contrasting level indicator on the handle and colour coded handles for easy identification.

Level 1 - 7mm x 1.5mm x 125cm

Level 2 - 9.5mm x 2.0mm x 125cm

Level 3 - 11mm x 2.5mm x 125cm

Level 4 - 12.5mm x 3.5mmm x 125cm

  • Supaflex X-Tubes are double layered for extra durability and offering greater resistance than conventional tubes and bands
  • Premium Padded grips for maximum comfort
  • Available in four in colour coded strengths which contain latex.
  • 4 progressive weight resistance available

Sold individually !

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