Small Punchbag Synthetic 2ft x 12" x 14kg

Carbon Claw

  • £36.99

For our champions of tomorrow you can benefit in training on a smaller and authentic version of our adult range of Punchbags.
The Impact GX-3 Series Punchbag is made to exactly the same proportions to our larger ones and the outer shell incorporates the same durable cross fibre bonded material.
The bags are filled with unused cloth material off cuts for a shock absorbent and realistic feel.
To ensure the correct balance to the bag they have a lighter and softer fill at the bottom than the top and over a period of break in the heavy top fill settles downwards under gravity towards the middle where the main hit area is established.
The fill is compressed and then sealed with a zipped top cover. The heavy duty zip allows the top remains securely closed and protected by an additional flange of material to keep the zip hidden and unexposed.
To make sure the punchbag gives you plenty of hours of fitness fun, all the seams are double stitched and the bag is hung by four metal D-Rings attached to 4 webbed straps cross sewn into the bag.

Size: 12” Diameter

Approx weight: 14kg

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