Serious Fitness

  • £3.00

The original heavy-duty expansion anchor.

Easy to use with good load-carrying capacity making this, the ideal general purpose anchor bolt for use in concrete, brickwork and stone.

Rawl bolt outperforms all conventional shield anchor bolts and provides maximum support.

Used for installing heavy equipment and machinery, fixing balustrade, barriers and roller shutter doors and securing structural fixtures; collapsible ferrule (stamped with hole diameter) ensures positive clamping force is transmitted to the fixture; Zinc plated; pressed steel segments ensure consistent dimension accuracy;

Bolt size M10

Bolt length 75mm

Bolt head diameter 17mm

Washer diameter 21mm

Shield length 60mm

Fixture thickness - min/max: 0/10mm

Hole diameter in fixture 11mm

Hole diameter in substrate 16mm

Minimum hole depth 65mm

Minimum substrate thickness 50mm

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