QD Metatarsal Pad

QD Metatarsal Pad


  • £12.49

We developed this high durability pad to provide support and relief to the anterior arch of the foot. Reduces pressure on the anterior arch and metatarsal heads.
With Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption, it provides support and comfort.

Anatomical T-shape and self-adhesive for fixation in the shoe. See application instructions. This product is made with Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption an outstanding durability. This groundbreaking soft and breathable gel provides excellent comfort.


  • High durability pad with shock absorbing Technogel®.
  • Can prevent overexertion and overloading of the soft tissues in the foot, lower leg and knee
  • Protects against pain (e.g. metatarsalgia), inflammation, wear injuries
  • Supports the front arch of the foot and the metatarsal heads
  • Sold as a pair


  • Use the shoe insert in flat shoes and as a pair to avoid pain or complications due to leg length discrepancies
  • Socks are recommended
  • Observe the enclosed instructions for use for correct placement in the shoe