PU Competition Plate Packs - 400kg or 800kg Options

Physical Company

  • £3,800.82

These PU Competition Gym Olympic Weight Plates have been manufactured from tough, yet tactile Polyurethane, which have been designed to withstand commercial and to stand up to the toughest lifting environments.

Colour Coded for Olympic Lifting, these PU Weight Plates have been drop tested over 10,000 times so we know they're tough.

Can be purchased in singles

Olympic Weight Plates made from tough PU

All Plates are 450mm in diameter with a 50.4mm hole

Calibrated within 2% of weight

400kg Pack includes - 4 x 25kg, 6 x 20kg, 15kg, 10kg & 5kg

800kg Pack includes - 10 x 25kg, 20kg & 5kg, 12 x 15kg, & 10kg)

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