Portable Core Trainer - Black or Grey

Jordan Fitness

  • £50.40

This newly designed Portable Core Trainer is perfect for Landmine Squats and more.

The perfect fit for your Olympic bar and discs, this portable trainer is the ideal size to train at home, in your Garage Gym, or use with PT clients.

  • Highly effective way to improve core strength, stability, rotational strength and upper-body mobility… and it’s portable!
  • No need for screws or fixings, allows you to train at home, in the office, on the training ground, on the road…
  • Ideal for rotational exercises and presses for core strength. Exercises include core rotations, wood chops, multi-directional lunges, landmine squats and many more
  • Must be used with an Olympic disc to stabilise the core plate
  • Length 260mm, Length of bar holder 160mm, Diameter: 55mm, Weight: 1kg

 Portable core trainer handle and weight plates sold separately)