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One of the most convenient and versatile products available for body weight training and an incredible tool for developing upper body and core strength. Our parallettes allow for the best variety of exercises to be performed with good form.

There are two aspects to Parallette Training that adds so much to body weight training.

Using the parallettes allows many exercises to be performed with a straighter wrist than would be possible if they were performed on the ground. The wrists are always the weakest link with body weight training. The parallettes let you have more time training before the wrists fatigue, which allows our members to get better results and reduces their risk of injury.

Extra ground clearance reduces frustration when learning new skills.

Parallettes are perfect to take outdoors for group training or for use in the gym or at home. Hundreds of exercises can be performed based on a variety of Sit, Press, and hand stand positions to target the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and core.-

 -15” clearance, the optimum height to encourage good form, posture, stability and strength

- Heavy duty tubing yet lightweight and portable

-  Sturdy and supportive - non-slip feet will not shift under pressure

-  Comfortable, padded foam handgrips

- Powder-coated frame

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

- Weight: 2 x 2kg

Sold in pairs !


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