Kick Bag Synthetic Foam Lined 6ft x 14" - Available in 45kg or 60kg

Carbon Claw

  • £164.99

Punchbags can be a great way to improve your boxing or kicking techniques, along with accuracy, power and endurance whether in conjunction with a fitness training programme, an introduction to technique training or for the self- preparation for those first steps into the ring.
Learning to distance your body correctly for either hand or leg strikes is important to ensure the full power is applied at the point of impact and the bag is a safe way to practice these moves against a weighted force whilst reducing the element of risk and injury.
Adding a combined balance of movement and correct footwork around a punchbag will allow you to gain familiarity of striking a target at different angles and with regular practice the improvement will only help in gaining additional power and momentum.
The Razor RX 7 Kick bag has been manufactured from a very strong double layered cross fibre bonded synthetic material and all seams have been double stitched for additional strength.
Filled with textile off-cuts of varying weight and size allows us to balance the weight of the bag and adding a foam lining gives the bag a more authentic feel when punched.
The heavy gauge metal D-Rings will complement the durability of the rest of the bag for added strength and durability.
Once filled the heavy duty zip allows the top to remain securely closed and is further protected by an additional flange of material to keep the zip hidden and unexposed.
Included at the base of the bag is an additional metal D-Ring to attach a fixing or weight to reduce the bag from swinging when doing those heavy workouts.
We recommend our clip on chain set with swivel incorporated as this reduces wear on a specific area of the bag allowing the bag to rotate when being used.

Swivel not included !

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