Granite Technique Utility Bag 4ft 6" x 45kgs

Carbon Claw

  • £219.99

The Carbon Claw Technique Utility Bag can be used for Boxers and Martial Arts Combatants alike for either punching and striking whilst the bag is hanging vertically and also when taken to the floor for ground strikes and floor movement techniques.

Manufactured in a heavy duty easy wipe down P/U Material with double re-enforced seams it has been designed to take the punishment of MMA and Ground and Pound techniques.

When the Bag is hung vertically the removable 4″ wide wrap around strap at the top of the bag has a heavy duty velcro backing and sewn in hanging D-Rings to ensure it carries the weight of the bag with ease.

At 4ft 6″ in height or length and at 45kgs in weight this Utility bag is a balanced size to allow for a multitude of different training sessions in Combat / Boxing and Fitness training disciplines.

The Ergonomically designed Shape and weight of the bag when hung up in the vertical position allows the boxer to Punch, Jab, throw Right and Left hand Hooks and Uppercuts.

MMA Combatants can strike/kick the bag in its upright position, but can also remove the hanging strap and chains and take the bag to the floor to broaden and practice their various grip/hold and striking techniques.

Includes Chain Set 4 Leg !

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