Fractional Plates Set

Jordan Fitness

  • £157.50

Designed to push weightlifting athletes to their limits, this fractional plates set helps new weightlifters and pro’s alike, add smaller weights to track progress more effectively.

  • Made from durable steel, these plates have been finished with easily distinguishable high gloss colours.
  • Essential add on for those looking to beat their personal best or for Personal Trainers helping clients improve lifting capability at a steady pace
  • Great for beginners, especially women and children starting out
  • Suitable size centre for all standard Olympic bars
  • Set comes with 2 of each weight (and 6 x 0.25kg)

Weights In Set:

0.25 kg x 6

0.50 kg x 2

1.0 kg x 2

1.50 kg x2

2.0 kg x2

2.5 kg x2

5.0 kg x2