Cotton Yoga Rug - Chakra Pattern

Fitness Mad

  • £34.99

The original Indian yoga mat! Our 100% cotton, coarse weave rugs are designed for Ashtanga or Power Yoga where grip whilst sweating is essential. Yoga rugs were originally used before what we all know now as a 'yoga mat' was used. The rug's grip increases as it gets wetter, the opposite to a standard yoga mat! The rug is embroidered with each of the seven Chakras (energy centres within the body) to help keep you aligned as well as helping you concentrate on being:

Sahasrara - Fully Connected Spiritually
Ajna - Focused
Vishuddha - Communicative
Anahata - Loving
Manipura - Confident
Svadhishthana Connected
Muladhara - Rooted

The rug is often used with a standard yoga mat, placed underneath, to help keep the rug in place; we recommend our Evolution Yoga Mat, which is eco friendly, lightweight and non-absorbent.