BOSU Elite Balance Trainer

Physical Company

  • £241.09

  • Fourteen years. Thousands of hours. Hundreds of athletes. That's what's behind the new WeckMethod BOSU® Elite, the perfect training stimulus to enhance basic ground-based athletic movement: Squatting, Running, Jumping, and Agility.
  • Maximum User Weight – 907kg

Geared toward athletics, the BOSU®Elite incorporates a much firmer dome to spring load the body for more efficient force transfer, priming the body for greater strength and power. Its ultra durable dome benefits from a honeycomb grip and reference points to assist with optimal body placement and alignment during unique programming. Comes with pump.

The Elite’s new ‘firmer’ dome spring loads feet and legs

High density material maintains support for more force production

New “Power Zone” properly aligns feet, pelvis, and spine

Extremely durable, high density, rugged dome

Specialised programming to enhance squatting, running and agility

Comes complete with pump


Width: 635mm

Length: 673mm

Height: 254mm

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