Aluminium Training Bar (6ft)

Jordan Fitness

  • £198.00

New and improved (Summer 2020), this lightweight but ultra-durable aluminium bar is perfect for practising Olympic lifts. 

  • Impressive aluminium construction with a new hardened chrome finish
  • Many training bars are just too heavy for newcomers learning new skills. Not this one. It weighs 7kg and is the ideal bar for beginners and younger gym-goers to practise explosive Olympic lifts like a deadlift or a snatch
  • It can also be used for numerous all-over resistance exercises including the overhead squat, single-arm overhead press and high windmill
  • Tested to 65kg (130lb). To be used with technique plates up to 5kg
  • Length 1,830mm, Diameter 28mm

Great For 

  • Learning the Olympic Lifts, without having to lift a full, 20kg Olympic bar.
  • Females and younger athletes to learn these skills, when a full bar would be too heavy.
  • Use with light rubber training plates (up to 65kg).
  • Many other resistance exercises, like the Overhead Squat, Single Arm Overhead Press or High Windmill.