AIREX Corona Mats - 185cm

Physical Company

  • £118.14

Continuous development has ensured the Airex Corona 185 is the ideal mat for Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.

Its generous 100cm width and 15mm thick offers maximum comfort and stretching space, making this exercise mat ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Soft and supportive Corona 185 support the joints, hips and spine when exercising and stretching.

Following continued research and development the Airex Corona Mats are manufactured with an antibacterial active substance, providing protection against bacteria and pathogenic organisms.

Soft to touch, this mat has a unique surface structure that prevents slipping.

Excellent exercise mat for Yoga, Pilates aerobics as well as medical uses, i.e physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, and ante-natal

15mm thick for enhanced comfort and soft; designed with a non-slip surface

Easily rolled to transport and store and roll out ready for exercise without leaving creases

Available in Green, Blue, Red

Latex Free

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