AIREX Calyana Mats

Physical Company

  • £72.68

One of the most premium Airex Mats available, the Calyana Prime Yoga Mat offers a large training area with excellent cushioning and comfort.

Weighing at less than two kilograms this mat is easy to roll and unroll making it portable and easy to store. Suited for permanent use in at home or in a studio.

The Calyana Yoga Mats has been manufactured with a sustainable materials and environmentally friendly technologies. Includes premium rubber textured underside for optimal long-lasting grip and support for joints, hips and spine.

Available in either in Ocean Blue, Lime Green and Nut Brown

This premium thick yoga mat offers a large training area and optimum comfort

Manufactured with sustainable materials

Eyelet fitting available

Available in two thicknesses with the Prime: Lime Green & Ocean Blue at 4.5mm and the Professional: Stone at 6.8mm

Length: 1850mm

Width: 660mm

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