Seca Colorata 760 - Various Colour Options


  • £82.80

A Classic in several colours !

A decades-old classic scale from seca has properties that make it modern today. The scale is always ready for use because it needs neither electrical power or batteries. The robust mechanical scale weighs quickly, comfortably and precisely. Lovers of classic design will find what they seek in this scale, whose distinctive look leaves a lasting impression.

Product Properties

  • Robust construction.
  • Large, easy-to-read dial.
  • Low profile and wide platform.
  • Precise and durable.

Technical Data:

Net weight: 0.6 sts, 3.5 kg
Platform width: 265 mm
Platform height: 70 mm
Platform depth: 265 mm
Product width: 303 mm
Product height: 118 mm
Product depth: 470 mm
Graduation: 1 kg
Capacity: 150 kg, 23 sts
Precision: Basic
  • Extra rugged
  • Reset-to-zero function

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